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The summer season begins. It rains less and less everyday, and offshore winds start blowing sporadically.

December to May

During this time, you will experience hot sunny dauys, clear skies, and zero rain!  Off-shore winds generally blow until the end of March. Waves are usually smaller,, but longer and perfectly shaped due to the effects of the wind. In March more waves start coming in due to storm activity off of South America, making this a great month for waves!



Toward the end of June, for around 3 weeks, a natural phenomena called the Veranillo de San Juan typically appears, producing potential off-shore winds. The combination of winds, the lush green forests and the perfect waves is magical!


July to September

During this time you will experience a few scattered showers, making the weather a touch cooler, and the waves are great!


This is our rainy season.  If you are looking for tranquility, this is a great month.  You will not be surfing much, as the ocean conditions are predominately stormy, and the town is quiet.