Playa Negra 

is located in the province of Guanacaste, in the Pacific North West of Costa Rica. We are 30 minutes south from Tamarindo, and 60 minutes from Liberia International Airport .

We  have a brand new highway, called Caldera, which will bring you from San Jose in 3 hours.

The easiest and most flexible way to get here is by renting a car. Roads are generally in good condition and getting better every year. It's not necessary to get a 4x4, but access to some places can get tricky during rainy season, so it depends upon where you are traveling and what roads you may take.

The main advantage of renting a car is that you have complete liberty regarding your travels. You can enjoy your holidays just the way you want, and go to the surf, beach, or other sites whenever you feel like doing so. There are many rental companies in Costa Rica, and we can always give you advice on the best choice for you.

Traveling by public transportation is always a gamble, as you could end up stranded due to anything from a cancelled route or change in schedule. If you do take the public bus, we strongly recommend you to not come through Tamarindo as it's always the longer slower route. Come instead through the town of Junquillal.


Tamarindo is located 30 minutes north of Playa Negra. 

If you are driving, on Tamarindos exit, take a right on Villareal towards Hacienda Pinilla and Avellanas, on the next intersection go right until you get to Hacienda Pinilla. Take the left on the upcoming fork, pass Playa Avellanas about 5kms till you reach Playa Negra or Los Pargos football (soccer)field, about 700m past this you'll find Café Playa Negra on your left hand side of the street.


On high season Tamarindo gets 10 daily flights from San Jose.
If you dont feel like driving, it is a 45 minutes flight.

Sansa Air: (506) 2221-9414
Nature Air: (506) 2220-3054
You can take a cab or rent a car at Tamarindos airport.


Santa Cruz - Playa Negra - Santa Cruz:

Drive from Santa Cruz to the north 2 minutes, cross a small bridge and turn left towards the town "27 de Abril". After 20kms you'll pass a small bridge and make a left. Drive 200 meters then make a right on the first intersection towards Paraiso. In Paraiso, you'll take a right and drive 5kms . You'll reach Cafe Playa Negra on the right hand side of the street in a few minutes.

By Bus:
If you come by bus, you must find the one that gets you to Santa Cruz, and then take another one to Playa Negra, ( Paraiso or Junquillal) . You can also take a bus to Paraiso and then hitch a ride to Playa Negra on 5kms away if you're the adventurous type.

I recommend to take a taxi. 


Liberia - Playa Negra - Liberia:

We are 60 minutes south from the International airport in Liberia.Liberia airport has more than 5 daily arrivals from Canada, Europe, and the USA. Delta, American, United and Continental all fly here.On your way out of the airport you come to the main highway or Carretera principal 21. Take a right there, towards the south, continue about a half hour until the town of Santa Cruz. Just before reaching Santa Cruz there's a bridge, take a right before crossing it and follow the road towards the town of 27 de Abril. Take a right at the first intersection towards Paraiso, where you'll make a right when you see a football field on the right side of the road. 5kms ahead you'll reach Cafe Playa Negra on your right hand side of the street.


San Jose - Playa Negra - San Jose:

It's a bit more than 3 hours away from Playa Negra. With traffic the trip can take up to 5 hours.If you arrive at the San Jose airport (Juan Santa Maria) a good option to save time is to take a smaller plane to Tamarindo and rent a car there.Sansa Air: (506) 2221-9414Nature Air: (506) 2220-3054There is a new Caldera highway but it is a little complicated to get into it from the airport. Driving from Juan Santa Maria airport, take the Pan-American Highway north-bound, drive 10 minutes ( pass the big factory 2Pinos and the 1st bridge after the factory. You have to get on that bridge)get off the highway on your right and cross the bridge , this will take you to the main Caldera highway. You will pass Caldera and right after Punta Arenas, there is another detour. Follow the Liberia signs that will take you under the bridge and into another highway.Drive 1 hour untill Limonal ( subway on your right, gas station on left) Make a left where the big bull is, and you will be crossing the bridge in 20 minutes.At the end of the road, make a right towards Nicoya the Santa Cruz.