​Los Pargos

is a small and peaceful fishing village (better known as Playa Negra) located in the north of Costa Rica´s Pacific coast. It is a timeless almost unknown place. A town where houses hide behind trees and monkeys wonder about. As of yet, roads are not paved and most people get around on bikes, motorcycles, and even horses.


The beach is enchanting with trees sharing their shade with you and tide pools to play in at low tide.


The town is small, and initially it may seem that there is nothing and nobody here, especially if you walk around during siesta time. But, believe it or not, there is most everything that you need in the area and a community of friendly people from all parts of the world.

We have some small stores where you will be surprised about what you will find, from gifts, sun block, and BBQ sauce to good wine and more necessities. There are a couple of art galleries and surf shops, bikini factories, skate park, mini spa, other cafes and restaurants to suit your taste. That is about all the commerce around town. If you need a drugstore, gasoline, bank or an ATM, the nearest ones are in Tamarindo or Santa Cruz, about a 30-minute drive away.

In a place like this, nature and the sun set the pace of life. Many live for surfing and walk up hypnotized by the sound of the ocean, to enjoy the warm, clear water and great waves before the sun reaches its zenith .

The surf spot of Playa Negra is considered one of the best in Costa Rica.

When the tide is low, in front of Playa Negra, between sand and reef, delicious tide pools are formed, perfect for lazing around. When the tide rises, bathing becomes harder, this is why some may prefer Sandy Beach, a short walk away towards the south, perfect for family fun.

Trees provide natural shade and good places to hang hammocks, and you can also boogie board or body surf to refresh yourself. Sandy beach is the best place for learning to surf.


After an intense day on the beach and frolicking in the waves, a good meal and a cold beer, the town surrenders to the arms of Morpheus. Most inhabitants go to bed early and arise early, but for those wishing to enjoy the nightlife and/or on the weekends, you can find local bars and other fun spots in the area. Besides surfing, snorkeling and spending the day at the beach, you can also take surf and yoga classes/lessons, horseback rides, mountain bike tours, and guided hikes to the local waterfall.


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For parents: you can take your children to a day care center while you get some professional massages at the beach or other locations, or to spend private time with your significant other.


Things to Avoid

Parking your car on the beach with valuable items left inside;Do not eat from street vendors;Do not walk around with your passport, carry a copy instead and leave your valuable in a safe box; and most importantly,


Do not drive fast in towns.​