Playa Negra

The main peak at Playa Negra is a short right reef break with hollow sections. Occasionally on high tide you'll get a left from the main peak, and there's another left a bit further south.

You can surf all tides. It's up to your skill level but remember if you're just learning: would a beginning skier start off on the black diamond slope? Be aware of the ocean and conditions, and an old saying is never turn your back on the ocean.

​Sandy Beach
Immediately south of Playa Negra, this wave is a beach break, fun and good for maneuvers. It works betters in winter when it's raining which creates better sandbars.

Half an hour drive south from Negra you'll find this idyllic beach break . It's better with mid to high tide and it needs off shore or no wind at all.

Fifteen minutes south of Negara is this long beach break full of peaks. It is better with mid to high tide and it needs off shore or no wind at all.

About 500m walk south from Playa Negra is the Callejones reef which is more exposed to southern swells, so when waves are small in Playa Negra, one can usually find them here. There are a couple of outer reefs which are surf able when the swells are big and there is the right direction.

North of Playa Negra, about a 10 minute car ride you arrive to the southern parking area of the beach. Right in front there's a left that is surfed at high tide and a southern swell, beyond that there are a series of beach breaks to the north, with lefts and rights of good quality. Near the north end of the beach there is a peak named El Estero, which has a stone and sand bottom. It breaks on both sides of the river, and is best when the tide is coming up. Finally north of that we find Little Hawaii, a mushy but fun drop when the waves are big.

30 minutes north, the best wave is in front of El Hotel Capitan Suizo.

Playa Grande
One-hour north. A very good beach break, best thing is to surf it between high and low tides.

Further north, near the Nicaraguan border you will find Roca Bruja and Ollies Point, which is a full day trip made by chartering a boat. The arrangements can all be made at the Cafe Playa Negra. The boat departs from Playa del Coco,which is an hour drive away.